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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

A Comprehensive Eye Exam is performed on all patients and includes a thorough evaluation of the eye and visual system. It includes a prescription for glasses and medications if needed. Occasionally a consultation with another medical specialist for further evaluation or surgery will be recommended depending on the results of the eye examination.


The optomap® Retinal Exam raises the standard of care for eye health evaluations in several ways. It provides a digital image of the retina (the back of your eye) in a matter of seconds. The optomap® helps us in the detection eye conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinal holes or detachments. It also aids in detecting serious health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It is important to understand that in most cases, you may not experience any signs or symptoms of eye disease.

The optomap® Retinal Exam allows our doctors to sit down with patients, interactively review their optomap® images and educate them about their eye and overall health. Protect your vision and elect to have your optomap® Retinal photo at your next appointment.

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